Wire eyelet segmented belts

Group 800 – robust – permeable – stable tracking

Group 800 belts are made from individual wire eyelets connected to each other by means of crossbars. They are characterized by particularly good tracking stability, are extremely robust, and can be used for specialized transport applications. They are highly permeable, making them ideal for use in cleaning lines. With a positive drive, the belts can be used reliably in liquid media as well.



Eyelet size Ø mm: 1.8 to 3.0

Crossbar Ø mm: 3.2 to 8.0

Spacing mm: 15.875 / 25.4 / 38.1 /50.0 / 50.8 / 75.0 mm

Belt width mm: up to 2000 (wider on request)

Material: rustproof and acid-resistant steels, bright steel

Application examples: cleaning lines, packaging machines, beverage industry

Drahtoesengliedergurte Gruppe 800