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Our many years of experience at DOH, with extensive knowledge and expertise in wire belt manufacturing, allow us to provide our customers with a wide selection of high-quality, durable wire mesh conveyor belts. What sets us apart is our high level of technical expertise—from the first telephone contact to after sales service.

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Wire belt cleaning

Our wire belts are free of production-based grease and oil residues. To achieve this, they are run through our continuous cleaning lines. This critical process step ensures the long service life and quality of our products.

After Sales Service

DOH keeps going where other providers stop. In addition to production and sales of high-quality wire belts, we also provide installation and assembly. This pays off in the smooth operation and durability of the product. We perform installation and provide support. We do adjustments and repairs. Even after installation, you can expect service and expertise from us.

What adds value?

Service that goes beyond the basics!

It starts with the initial contact, where we listen and ask questions until we know exactly what you need. Starting with an idea and design of a conveyor belt, through the specialized manufacturing process for your customized belt. The critical factors here are precision and quality, down to the smallest detail. We are DIN inspected for this reason. We process every edge and every seam until they are perfect. For example, we provide oil-free belts, so they have longer service life. This is more work, but sets us apart from the others.

We don’t just manufacture—we create possibilities.


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