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Round wire segmented belts

Group 200 – close mesh – robust – high tensile strength

Group 200 belts have a fine mesh design. The gap width is approximately equal to the diameter of the spiral wire.

Wire with a round cross section are used to produce the spirals.
The high winding count makes these belts particularly suitable for high mechanical loads and they can bear high tensile loads when transporting goods.



Spiral Ø mm: 0.8 to 5.0

Crossbar Ø mm: 1.8 to 8.0

Spacing mm: 5 to 63

Edges: S and B edges and with chain

Belt width mm: up to 3000 mm

Material: rustproof, acid-resistant, heatproof steels, galvanized steel, bright steel

Application examples: Forging plants, hardening shops, baking ovens and food products industry

Runddrahtgliedergurte Gruppe 200