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When standard is not enough
– DOH wire mesh conveyor belts

Do you need a transport solution for hot or cold, heavy or light products?
Do you want to transport or filter, dry or clean?

We produce specialized belts for a wide range of applications.

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Transport problems?
We’ll bend to your needs.

A thousand times an hour using our bending machine.

A service from DOH (Drahtwerk Oberndorfer Hütte)! Is this what you’re looking for?

We are a highly specialized wire belt provider, making conveyor belts for use where rubber, textile, and plastic belts cannot be used and no standard solutions are available. We ship wire belts from Hesse to everywhere in Germany. At widths up to 5.5 m, depending on the material and weave, and nearly unlimited length, with specialized edge guides.

We welcome challenges

As various as the industries that DOH works for (from food products to automotive suppliers, heat treatment to brewing and beverages), our ideas for wire mesh conveyors belts are just as individualized. They are a success when they are implemented perfectly.
Focus on customer ideas, find the best, and take it to the next level.
This is how we produce excellence for our customers. The basis for new ideas and high-end applications, to perfection. We listen, advise, and accept any challenge, at any time—because we can.

Try out our wire belts. Put us to the test!

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Made in Germany

Precision and quality—down to the smallest detail

We are a traditional company in Hesse, centrally located, near Frankfurt. Our long tradition of wire belts demands quality.
We process every edge and every seam until they are perfect.
We provide only oil-free belts, so they have longer service life.
This is more work, but sets us apart from the others.
From the center of Hesse, we ship to and support customers all over the world.

Our wide range of specialized belt products covers a great variety of applications. We will be happy to consult with you about which belt meets your transport needs.

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Rolled baking belts

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Grid belts Group 1000

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DOH wire conveyor belts…

... versatile, customized & durable

DOH wire conveyor belts are produced to your specific requirements at our plant in Oberndorf. With over 50 years of company history, we can apply our comprehensive experience in a wide range of industries to develop the optimal conveyor belt solution for you.


Our individualized wire conveyor belt, or wire belt, is a mesh made of metal wires. Wire belts are used to transport a wide variety of goods in challenging operating environments.

Such as:

  • Sandblasting
  • Hardening
  • Brazing
  • Painting
  • Coating
  • Washing & spraying
  • Baking & heating

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... in all of these fields of application:

plant engineering, architecture, belt filter systems, chemicals, beverages, wood products, power plants, food products, heavy industry, beach cleaning, heat treatment, tooling, and many more. Individualized conveyor belts for unique industries!


Segmented belt solutions are specialized. They determine the dimensions, material, or edge design of the wire belt. DOH produces wire belts to meet your individual specifications. Ask us what’s possible. We will customize a proposal for you.

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After installing a DOH wire belt, we don’t see our customers again for a long time—because they are very satisfied. This makes us happy, as it demonstrates our quality. DOH belts are highly resistant to mechanical loads, temperature, chemical substances, and corrosion. This makes them far superior to transport belts made of rubber, plastic, or textiles for many fields. This leads to longer service life with less downtime, for an economical solution in your application.

Various materials


Segmented belts from DOH in Solms are acid-resistant, heat-resistant, and food safe.