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We are inspired by the diversity of challenges.

We love the variety of our tasks and the diversity of our customers. Customers from all different industries—with new ones joining us all the time. One advantage of DOH, a company with tradition, is the fact that we can address nearly any customer need.

From specialized implementation requirements to standard products. For you, as our customer, all that matters is your individual situation and the solution that we will identify and implement with you.

With wire eyelet segmented belts, round wire segmented belts, braided wire belts, or rolled baking belts, crossbar belts, grid belts, and curved conveyor belts—there is a solution for every need..

Anwendungen Waermebehandlung DOHThanks to their excellent thermal properties, our wire belts are ideal for high-temperature applications up to about 1200 °C. They are also used for heat treating (hardening, brazing, annealing, and tempering)

Heat treatment

Anwendungen Automobilzulieferer DOHOur wire mesh conveyor belts are extremely robust and reliable. They meet the highest standards of quality, so they are used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry.

Automotive suppliers

Anwendungen Schrauben und Befestigungsindustrie DOHOur belts are used in screw manufacturing, particularly in continuous heat-treating furnaces.

Screw and fastener industry


Anwendungen Glas Keramik Solarindustrie DOHThanks to their thermal properties, our wire belts are excellent for firing and annealing processes and for transport and cooling lines with high temperature variations.

Glass, ceramics, and solar industry

Anwendungen Holzindustrie DOHWide mesh belts are used particularly in continuous dryers for veneer production. They provide optimal ventilation and therefore uniform drying of the material.

Wood industry

Anwendungen Pharmazie DOHThe pharmaceutical industry uses wire mesh conveyor belts as easily cleaned transport solutions for hygiene and clean room applications. Thanks to the specialized alloys used, they are extremely temperature resistant and excellent for sterilization applications.



Anwendungen Schmiedebetriebe DOHAs particularly robust and durable cooling, transport, and conveyor belts, our wire belts are highly valuable in forging plants.

Forging plants

Anwendungen Brauerei Getraenkeindustrie DOHPermeable wire mesh conveyor belts, which we produce in acid and lye-resistant versions on request, are ideally suited as label conveyors and for use in cleaning lines.

Brewing and beverage industry

Anwendungen Filtertechnik DOHWire mesh conveyor belts are used as robust and durable filter belts, for example as liquid separators for grinding sludge or sewage.

Filter technology


Anwendungen Lebensmittelindustrie DOHWire mesh conveyor belts are often used as bread baking conveyors and for dough delivery systems. They are also used in fruit and vegetable washing lines and for drip-drying of glazed products and pretzel sticks. Thanks to their hygienic properties, they are also used in meat processing.

Food products industry

Anwendungen Schutzvorhaenge DOHOur wire belts are used on lift tables and scissor lifts with mandatory bottom guards and as flexible splinter shields.

Protective curtains

Anwendungen Metallurgische Industrie DOHThe metallurgical industry uses wire mesh conveyor belts as robust thermal protection curtains and as support belts for feeding and packaging steel rods.

Metallurgical industry


Anwendungen Elekronikindustrie DOHWire mesh conveyor belts made of specialized materials are suitable for use in the electrical industry, for example for transporting wafers and solar modules.

Electronics industry